Unjustified Threats Bill comes into Force

On 1 October 2017, the IP (Unjustified Threats) Act 2017 came into force. This new legislation provides clarification on the law of threats, which was previously complicated and inconsistent across IP rights. These changes are aimed at preventing parties from unfairly threatening businesses with allegations of infringement. These changes also provide guidance on how to […]

Structure of a Patent Application

Drafting a new patent application for an invention can be a complex process, because it involves taking cutting-edge scientific concepts and placing them in a legal framework. For this reason, as patent attorneys, we are very reliant on inventors to review the drafts that we have prepared and let us know where changes need to be […]

Ownership and Inventorship rights in the UK

In the simplest scenario a sole inventor applying for a UK patent application is entitled to the patent. However, many inventions are the result of a joint effort of a group of individuals and in the majority of situations where the invention is made by an employee (or a group of employees), the ownership of […]

Interpreting a UK Search Report

After the filing of your patent application at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), you will receive a patent application number, which will be in the format of GBXXXXXXX.X, and a filing date. Our standard procedure here at Chapman IP is to, upon filing your application, request that the UKIPO carry out a search of […]

UK Unregistered Design Rights (UDR)

Neptune v DeVOL Kitchens [2017] EWHC 2172 A lesson in relying on unregistered design protection. UK Unregistered Design Rights (UDR) UK UDR grants an owner the right to prevent unauthorised copying of a particular design in the UK. No formal registration process is required, unlike with registered forms of protection, like Registered Designs. UK UDR […]

Patent or Design?

The coexistence of Patents and Registered Designs often causes confusion about the best mode of protection to seek for a particular product or process. We have outlined the basic differences between a Patent and a Registered Design below, along with some “pros” and “cons” to each, to help you decide which form of protection would […]

Novelty Only Prior Art

During the process of applying for a UK patent, it is common for the Examiner to highlight documents considered to be relevant to the patentability of the invention defined by the claims.  The majority of the documents highlighted by the Examiner are likely to be those that were published, or otherwise made available to the […]

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