The importance of accuracy with RCDs

A recent case Scomadi Ltd & Anr v RA Engineering Co. Ltd at the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) referencing two Registered Community Designs (RCD) showed the importance of accurate agreements between parties involved in manufacture and sales. The issues before the judge were breach of contract and infringement relating to three scooter models manufactured […]

UK and EU Registered Designs – Factsheet

A registered design is a monopoly right which can protect the overall appearance of the whole or a part of a product. A registered design is additional to any unregistered design right or copyright protection that may exist automatically in a design. The 3D appearance of a product such as shape and configuration, as well […]

PCT and Foreign Patent Applications – Factsheet

A UK patent can be enforced only in relation to commercial activities which take place in the UK. If you wish your invention to be protected overseas, then it is necessary to file patent applications abroad. In many cases overseas patent applications are filed at the end of a “priority year” which starts with the […]

European Patent Applications – Factsheet

A European patent can provide protection for an invention in up to 38 countries. What is a European patent application, and why do I want one? A patent is a legal monopoly giving the inventor (or their company) of a new and useful device or process the right to stop third parties from making, selling, […]

Brexit update on Trade Marks

We thought we would focus on the practical implications of Brexit on trade mark protection in the UK with a simple Q&A. Will I need to file separate EU and UK applications after Brexit (possibly 2019)? Almost certainly yes, unless the UK and the EU agree a compromise. What about my existing EU registrations? There […]

Trade Mark Registrations – Factsheet

A trade mark registration protects your brand from unauthorised use and guarantees your freedom to continue using your trade mark. Most countries have a recognised trade mark registration system and we are experienced in obtaining registrations worldwide. What is a trade mark? A trade mark is a sign which, when used in the course of […]

UK Patent Applications – Factsheet

UK patents protect novel and inventive products and processes from unauthorised manufacture, sale, import or use in the UK. What is a patent, and why do I want one? A patent is a legal monopoly giving the inventor (or their company) of a new and useful device or process the right to stop third parties […]

Diesel wins EU General Court Appeal on its Mark

Diesel S.P.A (Diesel), Proprietor of the “D” logo depicted below on the left, opposed clothing brand Sprinter Megacentros Del Deporte SL’s (Sprinter) European Union Application for the “D” logo depicted on the right. Diesel’s Registration                           Sprinter’s Application (EU000583708)                                                      (EU011404019) Diesel challenged Sprinter’s application on the basis that a likelihood of confusion existed between the […]

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