Shapes and colours – worth trying to protect as trade marks?

Louboutin faces further setback in its ongoing battle of its red sole trade mark.  The iconic red sole of Louboutin high heels, faces further controversy following the most recent development from the European Court of Justice (ECJ). It also casts further doubt on the chances of achieving trade mark protection for shapes of products or […]

Trade Mark Registrations – Factsheet

A trade mark registration protects your brand from unauthorised use and guarantees your freedom to continue using your trade mark. Most countries have a recognised trade mark registration system and we are experienced in obtaining registrations worldwide. What is a trade mark? A trade mark is a sign which, when used in the course of […]

UK Court Of Appeal Rules on Colour Trade Marks

A recent action brought by Glaxo Wellcome UK Ltd and Glaxo Group Ltd (Glaxo) against Defendant, Sandoz Ltd (Sandoz) backfired when the UK Court of Appeal found in Sandoz favour, holding that Glaxo’s colour registration was invalid. Background This case concerned an action brought by Glaxo against Sandoz for infringement of its EU colour trade […]

A Fear of Trade Marks

As a business owner, there are a huge number of considerations, worries and demands on our time: teaching yourself the vagaries of the latest social media trend, considering this year’s marketing spend, collating where your custom is coming from, let alone getting the business in. So if the words ‘registered trade mark’ are uttered, it gets […]

Brexit update on Trade Marks

We thought we would focus on the practical implications of Brexit on trade mark protection in the UK with a simple Q&A. Will I need to file separate EU and UK applications after Brexit (possibly 2019)? Almost certainly yes, unless the UK and the EU agree a compromise. What about my existing EU registrations? There […]

Diesel wins EU General Court Appeal on its Mark

Diesel S.P.A (Diesel), Proprietor of the “D” logo depicted below on the left, opposed clothing brand Sprinter Megacentros Del Deporte SL’s (Sprinter) European Union Application for the “D” logo depicted on the right. Diesel’s Registration                           Sprinter’s Application (EU000583708)                                                      (EU011404019) Diesel challenged Sprinter’s application on the basis that a likelihood of confusion existed between the […]

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