From day-to-day filing through to advising on IP strategy and due diligence, we offer the full range of patent, trade mark and design advisory and registration services.


“Extremely well-regarded in the field of hi-tech patents.”

We provide a full spectrum of patent services for clients operating in a wide range of complex technology sectors. Our patent attorneys have an exceptional level of technical expertise, and the speed with which they can understand and assess inventions is often remarked upon.

We work with you to understand your business. We do not view your patents in a vacuum, but advise and handle your patent applications to suit the wider commercial context of your business.

How can we help you?
We can represent you directly at the UK Intellectual Property Office and the European Patent Office. We can also file and prosecute International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent applications for you. Through our network of trusted overseas agents we are able to obtain patent protection for you around the world.

We can help you to protect and exploit your new technology or ideas by identifying patentable technology and advising on how best to protect new products and processes. We are experienced at preparing patent applications suitable for all relevant jurisdictions.

We also advise on the use of Patent Box tax relief to reduce your corporation tax burden and support commercial transactions involving the sale and licensing of Intellectual Property rights.

Many commercial transactions involve at least some degree of due diligence and we are experienced at providing these promptly and efficiently. Please contact one of our patent experts for further information or advice. or

Trade Marks 

Advising on and protecting our clients’ trade marks isn’t a sideline or add-on to our practice. It is at the heart of what we do and what we excel at.

Whether you have developed a new brand, need to enforce your trade mark rights in an existing product or service, or require maximum protection for the branding of a new product or service, you can be sure of talking to someone who will understand your commercial goals.

We are a specialist Intellectual Property practice and because of this we employ qualified patent and trade mark attorneys who don’t profess to be generalists, just experts at protecting your brands.

We represent you directly at the UK Intellectual Property Office and the European Community Trade Mark Office of OHIM (the Office for Harmonisation; in the Internal Market).

Because our trade mark attorneys advise on and protect trade marks every day, we can respond quickly and with sound commercial advice based on years of experience. We are also one of the few firms with an office near to the UKIPO in Cardiff where we regularly represent clients at hearings.

How can we help you?
We can advise on whether your chosen brand might infringe the rights of others. We can help choose your brand to maximise IP value. Finally, we can obtain the registered trade mark rights, UK, EU or globally, quickly and efficiently. For further advice please contact one of our experts


Our specialism in Intellectual Property alone (we are specialists, not generalists) means that we will advise as to which Intellectual Property rights are the most important to your product and business goals.  Our trade mark and patent attorneys who specialise in registered designs are very experienced at identifying designs for which registration should be considered and advising on whether design rights exists in a product.  Often designs are overlooked in favour of patents or brand protection.

How can we help you?

We are highly qualified and experienced at obtaining European, UK and worldwide design rights.  We also have the expertise and experience to advise on whether your product will infringe the design rights of others.

Please contact one of our design experts for further information

Renewals & Formalities 

We have an experienced and flexible renewals team who can handle payment of renewal fees for your patents, trade mark registrations and registered designs around the world.  Our service is personal and tailored to your individual requirements and we provide competitive and transparent costings for maintaining your IP rights. We are also regularly instructed to take over renewal fee payments for existing IP portfolios.

Renewal fees, also known as Annuity or Maintenance Fees, are official government fees payable to the relevant Patent Office to keep a Patent, Trade Mark or Registered Design in force.  Typically Patent renewal fees are payable annually whereas Trade Mark fees are generally payable every 10 years and Design fees every 5 years, but this varies from country to country.

Our renewals service includes:

– Monitoring and reminding clients of renewal deadlines
– Paying renewal fees
– Monitoring official fee payment receipts

For further information please contact our renewals manager 


We have a dedicated formalities team who carry out the full range of formalities services in respect of the various administrative processes associated with patents, trade marks and designs, including:
– National phase validation of European patents
– Entering European and UK national phase of PCT patent applications
– Recordal of assignments and licences
– Recordal of changes of name and title

All of our formalities team are qualified and hold the Patent and Trademark Administrators Certificate.
For friendly and knowledgeable formalities advice please contact

IP Strategy and Commercial 

Many of our clients require advice and support which extends beyond the core activities of filing and prosecuting patents, trade marks and designs. Our attorneys have considerable experience of working in and with corporate IP departments, both in multinational companies and high-tech start-ups. As a result, we recognise and understand the commercial realities of intellectual property.

Some of our strategy and commercial services include:

– Portfolio reviews and IP audits (including funded audits through GrowthAccelerator)
– Helping you to reduce your tax burden through Patent Box tax relief
– Identifying protectable inventions/brands/designs
– Helping you develop an IP filing strategy
– Commercialisation advice – making your IP work for you
– Training your staff, and raising awareness of IP within your company
– Advising on IP-related transactions (transfers and licenses) and conducting due diligence
– Clearance searches and freedom to operate opinions
– Preparing infringement and validity opinions
– Opposing European patents at the EPO
– Supporting IP related litigation

Please contact

Technical Expertise 

When it comes to protecting and defending inventions in complex technologies, we are more than just specialists, we are solely concerned with ensuring you or your business obtains the most commercially valuable Intellectual Property rights.  To advise fully we have developed a team of patent and trade mark attorneys which includes doctorates and chartered engineers with in depth knowledge in their areas of technical expertise.  This gives us both strong technical and commercial foundations from which to deliver patent protection and advice for your technology.

So whether you have developed an improvement to an existing technology or you are working at the cutting edge of your field, you can be confident that we will understand what you are talking about.

This is a list of just some of the areas of our technical expertise:

Aeroengine technology; radar systems and rad signal processing; aerofoils including wings and compressor blades; headup displays; unmanned aerial vehicles; software

Solid state devices; components and connectors; control devices; microprocessors; alarms; sensors; signal conditioning and processing apparatus; control software

Materials Science
Building products; gypsum based products; mechanical properties of materials; ceramics; cement; manufacturing processes

Medical Devices
Tumour ablation; prosthetic lung/respiratory aid; intense pulsed light therapy; haemodialysis

Oil & Gas
Pipelines and risers; flow sensors; metering; pipeline structural monitoring; flow management systems

Optics & Photonics
Laser systems, fibre fabrication; sensors; imaging systems; holographic devices; optoelectronic devices; bulk optic and fibre components; optical signal processing

Fixed line; wireless; mobile; optical backbone; access networks; system and system components; modems; routers; system management; routing and control software

We have relied on Huw and his law firm for my law firm’s patent filings in the UK and EPO for many years. Huw has always been very professional and timely with all matters. Reasonable fees and good attention to detail as well. Jon Muskin

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