Your instructions are accepted in accordance with our new Standard Terms for the Supply of Legal Services. These terms will apply to new instructions received after 1 February 2013, and to instructions to carry out additional or new work in relation to existing cases where those instructions are received after that date. Work will be accepted on this basis unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

These terms define some of the important aspects of our working relationship. By understanding and observing them you can help the relationship to be successful.

All professional work carried out by us will be in accordance with these terms.

  1. We rely on clients to give us timely, complete and accurate information and instructions. Patent Offices often impose time limits. We accept no liability if you do not provide clear and complete instructions early enough for us to act within official time limits. We will normally inform you of time limits, and of actions or instructions that are required, but we do not undertake to give reminders.
  2. Please notify us promptly of any change of personnel or address, or of any change in ownership of rights. Many such changes have to be officially registered. Please remember that the obtaining of patents, trademarks and design rights can take several years.
  3. Please confirm all oral instructions in writing.
  4. If requested we will give estimates of future costs. They will be given in good faith based on knowledge existing at the time, but they are not binding, as costs may be affected by matters beyond our control, and the amount of work involved often cannot be accurately forecast. We will endeavour to remain within our estimates wherever possible.
  5. All actions and attention provided by us are chargeable. These include telephone calls, reminders and reporting on communications that we may receive as your agent.
  6. We may require payment on account for items such as official fees and expenses to be incurred in foreign filings and actions.
  7. Otherwise, our invoices are issued at the end of each month in connection with all files having £50 or more outstanding in fees. Our invoices are payable net within 30 days of issue. We are entitled to charge interest at our bank’s base rate plus 8% on any overdue account.© Chapman and Co, 2015 Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys T +44 (0) 23 8000 2022 chapmanip.com
  8. If payment is not made in due time we reserve the right to suspend further work: rights may be lost if this happens.
  9. Unless some other arrangement is agreed in advance, the body or person who gives us instructions will be regarded as responsible for paying us.
  10. Our files may be destroyed when no longer current. Please therefore tell us if you require the return of any papers or other materials supplied to us. We reserve the right to retain any papers and materials until all payments due to us have been made. Our own files remain our property. If work is transferred from us to another representative, the original files remain with us and we will provide a copy file to the new representative.
  11. We value our good relationships with our clients. However, we accept that from time to time difficulties and misunderstandings can arise. If you have any problems you should feel free to discuss your concerns with the member of our professional staff responsible for handling your work. If we cannot resolve the matter you may refer it to the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys which will consider your complaint and seek to resolve the issue.

Alternatively you may contact the Legal Services Ombudsman in order to resolve your concern.

No material change to the above terms is valid unless agreed in writing by us.

Retention of Information

Our files both in paper and electronic form and their contents will remain our property at all times. Copies may be provided, but we reserve the right to make a charge for copying and to withhold any documents that we regard as being confidential. Following the closure of a file, it may be destroyed after an appropriate period. Our written file retention / destruction policy can be forwarded to you upon request. We retain copyright and other rights in documentation prepared by us.

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